Working method

Mohr Advocaat handles cases for clients both on a paid basis and on a funded legal aid basis.

Funded legal aid (‘pro deo’)

If your income and capital are below the legal limit, you are eligible for financed legal aid.  Mohr Advocaat is affiliated with the Legal Aid Board. Legal assistance will then be provided based on an addition, also called pro deo. You will pay a one-time contribution to the office.

Please note that in civil procedures, legal aid does not safeguard you from possible litigation costs, or costs for disbursements such as extracts, court fees, etc.




If you are or have been remanded in custody, legal aid may be completely free of charge. The same applies if the person seeking justice is a minor.



Hourly rate/fixed agreement/insurance

If you are not eligible for financed legal aid, or if you prefer to be assisted by your lawyer on a paying basis, agreements about the costs will be made in advance. This can be legal assistance based on an hourly rate, or a fixed total price agreement for the entire procedure. If you have legal expenses insurance, arrangements can be made with your insurance company.

Mohr Advocaat will inform you extensively about the costs prior to the legal assistance. Concrete and clear agreements do not result in discussion points afterwards. Mohr Advocaat does not charge any office expenses.

Mohr Advocaat is qualified as a High Trust office by the Legal Aid Board.